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Cello High Level C



void mark(var self, var gc, void(*f)(var,void*));

Mark the object self with the Garbage Collector gc and the callback function f.


Markable by GC

The Mark class can be overridden to customize the behaviour of the Cello Garbage Collector on encountering a given type. By default the allocated memory for a structure is scanned for pointers to other Cello objects, but if a type does its own memory allocation it may store pointers to Cello objects in other locations.

If this is the case the Mark class can be overridden and the callback function f must be called on all pointers which might be Cello objects which are managed by the class. Alternately the mark function can be called on any sub object to start a chain of recursive marking.


struct Mark {
  void (*mark)(var, var, void(*)(var,void*));


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